Is it True that Exercise Can Damage the Skin?


You might not want to believe it. But it is true that exercise severely ages the skin. The good question is how do we then stay healthy or lose weight if we cannot exercise? Well, one way is to understand that not all workouts work out as some tend to damage skin more than others. The aim is to then tailor your skin care regimen around these favorable exercises.

For instance, pounding your feet on the pavement, as you make that early morning run pitches the force of gravity against you by pulling your skin towards the ground. High impact sports makes the skin to sag and this is noticeable on the face, neck, knees and breasts. These types of exercises weaken connective tissues that support muscular structure. Save your skin from self-destruction by remaining active with low impact sports like walking or swimming.

Exercising especially during summer months with all the heat and sweat also takes its toll on unprepared skin. However, the right skin care regime can help save the day when you exercise. For starters, avoid using make-up removing wipes and cleansing brushes after a workout. They irritate the skin and are powerless in getting out whatever sinks into your gaping pores during your exercise.

Instead, rinse your face with a gentle face wash before you exercise so that you can thoroughly cleanse your skin surface. This allows your skin to breathe properly when you exercise and get rid of all impurities as you sweat. Sweat contains bacteria and is transferable. Avoid touching your skin, particularly your face. Do not even try to wipe off the sweat with your fingers. Use disinfectant machines or wash your hands with antibacterial soap before and after workouts.

Use a salicylic cleanser when you face is warm and wet from all the sweat after an exercise. Salicylic acid ensures that exposed pores are cleaned, closed and remain uncontaminated from post-exercise dirt and sweat. Stay away from cleansers that contain benxoperoxide they kill skin cells.


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