Why Do We Still Have Acne In Our Adult Years?


Once upon a time, acne was an irritating problem confined to our teenage years. Unfortunately, it has infiltrated our adult life. In fact some people have to deal with this pesky problem all through their life. So what causes acne to still burden us during our adult years?

For starters, hormones play a big part in acne outbreaks. In women, breakouts are linked with menstruation and menopause. Stress also plays a major factor. During periods of stress, the body produces androgens which ginger hair glands and follicles inside the skin. The end result of this is you guessed it, acne. If you continue to allow yourself to be stressed out and do nothing about it, you will struggle with acne forever.

Additionally, skin and hair products can also problematic if you are not cautious with use. It is important that you read labels first before buying any product off the shelf. Helpful words to look for include “oil-free,” “won’t clog pores,” “non-acnegenic” and “non-comedogenic.” There are also some medications that spark acne breakouts. If you feel that you might be reacting to any medication consult a doctor before you ditch the medication.

Another cause of adult acne can be attributed to what we eat. Highly processed foods or fad diets high in bad fats do not help the body in any good way. Moreover, an imbalanced diet is more than likely to throw the body into disarray and because the skin is the largest organ, it becomes noticeable.

There are a slew of ways to deal with adult acne However, it is always best to seek out professional help because treatments vary on a case-by-case basis. If your acne is caused by hormonal fluctuations, a dermatologist will need to understand a patient’s body and how it can be managed. In the case of monthly periods or pregnancies, you still need the help of a skin care professional to get by.

When it comes to dealing with stress, you need to find a way to  un-stress. A balanced mind translates to a healthy body and great skin to match. Digestive acne is tricky to pin down. But studies show that diary, gluten, soy and wheat are the usual suspects when it comes to triggering it off. Be sensitive to your breakouts, recall what you ate, so that you can pinpoint and evade in future.

There are other alternative routes you can take. However, they might cost you a sizeable amount. You can opt for charcoal masks, blue light therapy, chemical peels or customized pore facials. It is not ideal to deal with your pimples in front of a mirror, visit a skin doctor and let that professional get your skin back on track.


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