How Do We Get Those Pesky Dark Spots & What You Can Do About Them


Are you wowed when you see the complexion of a Disney princess in a movie or glamorous model on a magazine cover? Inasmuch, as their flawlessness could be achieved by Pixar or Photoshop, it is possible to also walk that road too. First, you need to realize that some initial factors come into play and cause hyperpigmentation or dark spots on skin. How do we get dark sports? More importantly what do we do when they rear their ugly heads?

Sun and Environmental Aggressors

You might already know that the sun and other environmental pollutants are not friends of the skin. The after-effects of the sun not only cause sun burns or wrinkles. They also put you at the dangerous risk of skin cancer. You might get compliments for tanning your skin. But when September or October twirl around the corner; those dark spots might take over.

Prevention starts with reducing your time in the full glare of the sun. You should also incorporate skin illuminating products into your regimen. Products that contain natural ingredients like kojic acid, bellis daisy, hexapeptide-2 and licorice extract work best. They lighten dark spots and give you a more even skin tone.

Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are skin disasters. If you are yet to experience an acne breakout, consider yourself very lucky. Unfortunately, if you have fallen victim to acne, the nightmarish ordeal might not be over just yet. Your pimples might return with a vengeance because you carelessly refused to keep your fingers from your face. This is the single reason why you should not stand in front of a mirror and pop pimples off your face.

Use a pimple cream with skin lightening ingredients like mulberry extracts, licoric root and kojic acid. These ingredients prevent brown spots from building up on your skin. Furthermore, get in touch with a dermatologist who would treat the acne effectively and stop your skin from bearing the brunt of carrying scars.


Hormonal fluctuations also cause dark spots. Cholasma is a skin condition characterized by dark spots and splotches. This condition is primarily caused by sun exposure and hormonal fluctuations. During pregnancy, a similar condition known as melasma also occurs and is caused by spikes in estrogen levels. Some hormonal discolorations disappear as a baby is born. However, for safety measures visit a spa to get a facial and get rid of the dark spots.


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