Exfoliating Your Skin Comes With Many Advantages


Exfoliation leaves the skin glowing, firmer and smoother. It is a benefit that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians were accustomed to centuries ago. They used rejuvenating elements like salt, oils and alabaster to achieve their goals. Studies even show that Cleopatra took milk baths back in the day. The legendary queen might not have fully understood the science behind her expensive skin care regimen, but she was actually benefiting from the lactic acid in the milk to help get rid of dead skin cells and encourage cell regeneration.

The process of exfoliation became popular in 1881 when renowned dermatologist, Paul Gerson Unna used phenol, resorcinol, trichloroacetic and salicylic acid in an inventive chemical peel on his patients. In the 50’s, Dr. Max Jessner replaced Unna’s phenol and tricholoacetic acid with lactic acid. A throwback to what Queen Cleopatra used before.

Acne stays away if you exfoliate your skin frequently. Most of the sebaceous glands of the human body are found in the face, chest and back. These areas are where you are most likely to find acne. Acne is generated with clogged follicles alongside the epidermal cells that outline them.

Wrinkled skin improves dramatically in appearance with the use of exfoliants. The skin becomes taut and smoother because exfoliation helps to bind the skin in deep areas. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the surface and this allows a better absorption of the nutrients in skin care products. Excessively dry skin can become a relief when it is subjected to exfoliation. Exfoliation also makes moisturizers more effective.

The main difference with exfoliating skin care products are the way they are formulated and their chemical compositions. Most skin care professionals opt for products that contain beta hydroxy acids, alpha hydroxy acids, resorcinol, bezoyl peroxide, retinoid and trichloroacetic acid. The percentage of the exfoliating product determines whether it safe to used at home without supervision or at the doctor’s office.


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