3 Things That Might Be Destroying Your Skin Tone


Your skin tone speaks a thousand words and can change in the twinkling of an eye. So it is crucial that you give it plenty of attention. Whether they are brown spots caused by sun rays or a pigmentation fluctuation. All in all, it all comes down to skin tone which is a great way to tell if you are healthy or sick.

If your skin is polluted, you will look tired, dull and older than your years. If you have radiant skin, it shows that you are a healthy person within. It confrms that you are free of dead skin cells, enjoy inherent circulation and have a low level of toxins. Here are four things that might be destroying your skin tone.

Poor Sleeping Habits

When you do not sleep well, it leaves you with puffy eyes and causes dark circles to envelope your eyes. It also leaves you with fatigued skin and a grayish-type skin tone. Scientifically, what is happening is that your lymphatic system is not functioning at optimum. It leaves toxins, excess fluids and waste materials behind that end up leaving you with that shallow skin tone.

Poor blood circulation causes seepage of plasma and leaves you with bloated capillaries. This means that nutrients would end up not being distributed adequately to your skin cells.  When skin cells are not properly nourished they die off prematurely.

Noxious Environment

The skin can be contaminated from environmental stressors. These factors include toxins from vehicles, plastics, industrial waste, coal power plants, fire retardants and even food that we eat like meat, diary, or fruit and vegetables, The major toxic substances found in the aforementioned include dioxins, mercury, smog, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and perchlorates.

Toxic Chemicals

People put a lot of trust in skin care products to bail them out. But in essence many of these products come with their own bag of problems. They contain toxic chemicals. For example, sodium laureth sulfate is a common ingredient in facial cleansers and shampoos. However because it contains carcinogen dioxane, it irritates the eyes and skin. Other harmful compounds are parabens, ethyl acetate, butylenes glycol, phthalates and formaldehyde. They come under 100’s of other names but end up changing skin tone and impacting negatively on health.


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